Certain assumptions have been made regarding your details to provide this quick quote facility.

  • You are the registered owner of the motorbike
  • You will not carry a pillion passenger
  • The motorbike is not modified
  • Less than 3000 miles will be ridden each year
  • Use is ‘Social Domestic and Pleasure’ unless it is a courier quick quote
  • All Motorbikes have a mechanical lock and bikes 600cc or over have an electronic immobiliser
  • Motorbikes valued at £20,000 or over have a BikeTrac Fitted
  • You have held the best licence available for your age group for at least one year
  • You have lived in the UK since Birth
  • You are a married home owner and are employed in a low risk occupation
  • You have no motoring claims or convictions
  • We estimate the age of the vehicle if not searching using a registration

If any of these assumptions are incorrect they can be changed when you click through to the quote.